• Omega Collagenic

    Dr. Müller Omega Collagenic The Omega Collagenic is an intense rejuvenation experience. As the most comprehensive machine in the Dr. Müller Collagenic range, the Omega comes with your personal touch control, entertainment system, controllable light show and turbine BodyCooler. The Omega is designed for vitality and rejuventation. The total body cooler ventilation system provides fresh […]

  • Infinity Collagenic

    Dr. Müller Infinity Collagenic The Infinity Collagenic is a compact and comfortable machine that is packed with a surprising array of features. Functionality and efficiency are combined with amazing design. With a built-in BodyCooler you can create the perfect climate for building up your collagen while enjoying your personal moment. The Infinity offers outstanding value […]

  • Collashower

    Dr. Müller Collashower A gentle standing experience that helps you to re-energize and refresh your body as you smooth your skin. Free movement and an enjoyable session are guaranteed so you can relax to your favorite music while you recharge yourself. For a more intense recharge, add in a VibraPlate, set the speed and intensity […]

welcome to your world of well-being


At Dr. Müller we believe that your well-being is about more than feeling good and looking great.

We believe that responsible use of light, and the energy it releases, should form a regular part of our lifestyle. Just like exercising and eating a balanced diet.

Light has many benefits, not only gives a session you a personal moment of relaxation, it also increases your health and appearance!  Dr. Müller – Forever Young


Manufacturing since 1974, active in more than 50 countries and over 120 employees worldwide. Combining research, experience and knowledge you can trust!

Our equipment has gone through years of rigorous tests to insure performance quality and build quality. We don’t just stop there; we are continuously improving our equipment and the customer experience.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it, we have your back! We have partners in every major country and area and they are always willing to assist in any way they can.

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